Video games have been around for decades and as time goes by and we moved into the age of the smartphone, they are becoming more and more sophisticated. With the touch of a finger, you are able to play games anywhere in the world and in any situation. Because of the incredibly competitiveness of the market, the games have to constantly, up their game, to stay ahead of the rest.

Games now come out with features that developers claim are similar to the features found in online gambling games. One such feature is the fact that you need to spend money to win. So many games today come out with features that you need to purchase in order for you to go further in the game and defeat the next boss. Granted, your win here is not monetary, but it is a game win.

Game Themed Gambling

But the similarities between the two worlds does not stop at the mere spending of money to be able to go further. Online casino games have evolved to include bonus rounds and features. Many of these are similar to video game features. Finding hidden objects, battling a giant monkey. The touch screen has opened an entirely new world when it comes to bonus features in online gambling.

Many casino games also feature characters of the much-loved games that you used to play as a child. What could be better than playing Mortal Kombat themed slots at an online casino and use your skills that you already have in the game, to win a couple of hundred dollars? These games are generally not carbon copies of the original and they offer a great pay out to the victor.

Social Casinos Games

When the PS2 was developed, we saw a radical new move in the world of online gambling. With the second incarnation of the PlayStation, a social casino game was released. It is now over a decade ago and those social casino games are still being played too this day. Casino Challenge, is name of the game, has over two and a half billion active video game players.

Further studies into the matter of social casinos have showed that about 26% of people that play social casino games go over to playing real online casino games. This happens for various reason. One being the sheer addition of playing games and the other being that, once competent at social casinos the players now want to win some real money. This makes social casino games a sort of training ground for real online gambling.

Where The Two Meet

The truth is, that as technology is becoming more and more advanced, the line between regular video games and online gambling, is becoming more and more blurred. Your skills in the one will definitely help you in playing the other. Then we haven’t even mentioned regular gaming tournaments that people also use to bet on their favourite players in hopes to win a small fortune.