Lotteries as a form of fundraising have been around for a good long while. As early as the 1500s lotteries were setup to fund investments back into the country, with Queen Elizabeth I allowing a lottery system in 1566 to help fund the renovations of ports in England. Otherwise the lottery system has been rather influential in Europe for the last 500 years and has become quite substantial in supporting charities and other helpful groups to better the countries in which they’re held. Somewhat more recently the Novamedia group was setup to regulate such charity lotteries within these nations and ensure fairness to all involved. This enables charities and other non-profit organisations to fund their efforts in an easier and more manageable way, allowing for more substantial growth in these nations.

A Detailed look at the Novamedia Group

The fact is that funding for many of the charity groups around the world is quite hard to come by. This of course makes it considerably more difficult for these charities to then make a difference and implement change. This is where Novamedia enters into the picture, and offers a structured link between national lotteries and charities themselves.

Started in 1983 as a charity-marketing agency, Novamedia setup their first National lottery in 1989, the Dutch National Postcode Lottery. This group has since aimed to setup these forms of National lotteries around the world. The benefits of such lotteries is that half of the proceeds go to charity, so while players are still getting a chance to play online blackjack casino and potentially win huge, the charities connected with this group are also then able to implement their own plans and follow through with their helpful mission. This is a clever and effective method of accruing donations as both parties can win through this system as well as a significant increase in general awareness regarding the charities themselves.

Since the inception of this group about a quarter of a century ago, some 7 billion plus euros has been raised for over 300 different charities. Since 1989, when they setup the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, Novamedia has installed other Postcode Lottery systems in other nations, most notably in the UK and Sweden. With all these charity lotteries offering up large portions of their return to charity, it isn’t so surprising to find that this group’s work is supported by notable ambassadors to the cause, like top Sportsmen Rafael Nadal, Ruud Gullit and Johan Cruyff.

The Fun of Charity Lotteries with Novamedia

The thing about lotteries and why they’ve always appealed to those that play, is that they offer ridiculous odds and therefore ridiculous winnings. There is definitely a thrill to be had through the purchase of a cheap ticket to win wondrous prize that could change one’s life. With Novamedia lotteries that thrill is only magnified since the winning is still most definitely there but now on top of this the players can assure themselves that win or not some of their participation efforts will go towards charities trying to change the world for the better. Seems to be only wins from this perspective.