For years, Williams Interactive has been creating online slots games with a variety of different themes. These themes have included all manner of categories but perhaps their most outlandish one to date is their Crime Pays slot. This game’s theme centres around the underground world of organised crime and is truly an exciting mix of fantastic graphics coupled with the chance of winning some extra money. While this theme is not one that is often expected to be paired with the likes of online slots games, it gives us an interesting new angle from which to play.

Structure and Symbols

The structure against which Crime Pays slot game is set is an incredibly simple one to understand. Furthermore, it is one that has been seen plenty of times before. It has four rows and five reels, so players of every level will quickly be able to get to grips with playing the game as it is easy to understand. Of course, the symbols adorning the reels of this game all have something to do with the seedy world of crime. This includes the likes of golden bars, bundles of bank notes, police badges, diamonds, whisky glasses, guns and handcuffs.

Betting Rules

Almost every online slots game has something different to offer in terms of their betting rules. However, when it comes to games like Crime Pays slot, which are simple and easy to understand, the betting rules involved are fairly straightforward. Overall, the game has 50 betting lines. All of these lines are fixed. It is also worth noting that bets can be set, with a coin size ranging from 0.01 to 4.00. In other words, the total value of bets begins at 0.25 and goes all the way up to 100.00 per game. This range gives players the flexibility they need in order to find a betting pattern that works best for them.

Extra Features

Crime Pays slot game has plenty of different feature games that can be triggered by spinning the Crime symbol on the first reel, the Pays symbol on the third reel and then a feature symbol on the fifth reel. Perhaps the most lucrative extra feature is that of the Crime Spree feature. Whenever players manage to land the police siren on the fifth reel, three bad guys will appear on the screen, each one with a different value attached to them.

The police immediately get hold of two of them, but the third one goes on a crime spree before they are able to apprehend him. During this time, he wins a number of prizes for the player before the police capture him. Of course, the longer this crime spree lasts, the more prizes the player is able to benefit from.

With Crime Pays slot game, players will find that it is in fact very lucrative to be on the wrong side of the law. With great graphics and plenty of bonus features to keep players entertained, this game is one that won’t soon be forgotten.