One of the world’s most popular table games, online blackjack offers hours of entertainment to all who plays it. This card comparing game of strategy is captivating and although it’s easy to learn it can take players awhile to master the art. Free online blackjack games make it easier to hone your skills and only once you are confident in your ability is it suggested that you make the move to real money play.

There are a vast number of blackjack variants online and unlike in a land based casino, players can choose whether they want to wager for real or just for fun. Online blackjack can be very lucrative when played for real money and if you refine your strategies you could be in line for a large payout when you beat the dealer to 21.

Brief Blackjack History

The exact origins of blackjack are somewhat unclear but the style of play we enjoy today emerged in America in the 1900’s and spread like wildfire. In Canada the game was spread by French colonialists who called it ‘vingt et un’ or 21 and in this original version there were an increased number of betting rounds and the dealer was always allowed to double down.

The aim of blackjack, no matter where it was played was always to be the first to 21 and even though the game has undergone several small changes over the years, the premise remains the same. By going online in the 1990’s, blackjack became more accessible and players who had previously not tried their hand were readily able to learn how to play at their leisure.

How to Play Online Blackjack

Learn How to Play Online Blackjack

Like the selection in MasterCard pokies, with so many different varieties of online blackjack available, players will need to choose a style that best suits them. This can be done by playing free games and trialling all the varying styles before committing to real money play. Once you have found a variant of online blackjack you are comfortable with, you can embark on a card playing adventure unlike any other.

The objective of all blackjack games remains the same and players must try and draw a hand that’s value is 21 or as close to as possible, without going ‘bust’ or over this amount. The scoring system in blackjack is simple and cards 2-10 all have their face value, whilst Jack, Queen and King are all worth 10. An Ace is worth either 1 or 11, and if you play with an Ace as 1 it is considered a ‘hard’ hand and if the Ace equals 11 your hand is ‘soft’.

Unrestricted Online Blackjack Games

As online casinos are not restricted to floor space like a brick and mortar venue, they can host a huge number of different blackjack games at any time. You’ll find classic variants such as European, Atlantic City or Spanish blackjack as well as more contemporary options such as Triple 7s Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack and Pontoon, a game that’s very similar but not quite the same. Multi-hand blackjack games also let you play more than one hand at a time and experienced players love all the action and winning opportunities these games have to offer.