Casinos are filled with games, but these games wax and wane in popularity, with some titles disappearing altogether only to reappear years later. A great example of this is Baccarat, one of the oldest casino games that has travelled through centuries and cultures, through periods of royalty, illegality, and obscurity but can still be found in Casinos around the world today.

Many things influence the popularity of different Casino games – from legislation to technology. We’ll take a look at the most popular Casino Games today and their roots.


Also known as 21 – the game that we know today as Blackjack is thought to have been invented by the Romans. Vingt-Et-Un, as it was known in France, was played amongst both the peasants in underground gambling halls as well as the royalty in their lavish Salons.

The game came across the Atlantic with the French colonists and spread like wildfire. The game of Blackjack we know today was created in Nevada with updated rules and extra payouts to attract more gamers.


The game of Poker made its way across the Atlantic and back. Its origins can be traced back to either the near or far East, depending on who you ask, but like Blackjack, the game found popularity in France. Alongside Vingt-Et-Un, the game came across the Atlantic with the French.

It became a staple at western saloons, which is where the most played version – Texas Hold’em – finds its roots. The game then returned to Europe with American soldiers during WWII alongside French Kissing and Americanos. In the world of Online Casinos, Texas Hold’em is still incredibly popular among both players and spectators due to its high-stakes, competitive nature.

Slot Machines were fairly uncommon worldwide in the 1940s, with the few machines available being relegated to housewives and casual players and frowned upon by most serious gamers. However, the coming decades would see massive leaps forward in publicly available technology.

All of a sudden, slot machines were all the rage, with millions being made and installed in the worlds’ major betting cities. Their fast-paced playstyle instantly attracted a new generation of gamers who became quickly infatuated with their taciturn nature. Today, the internet means that Slot Enthusiasts can enjoy games from the comfort of their home, or even on their smartphones!

Video Poker

As Slot Machines began to become more complex, producers realized they could use the more advanced logic-systems that were becoming available to run more complex games. Enter Video Poker – a reimagining of the game where players could play alone against the house, playing multiple hands and winning across different pay lines. All of a sudden, the game of Poker became fast-paced, filled with action and ready for the future.

All of these games attract very different individuals. A serious Texas Hold’em player would find the Slots distasteful, but a Video Poker player might find the traditional game long in the tooth. Whatever your preferences are, the gaming world is more accessible than ever. Get out there and start winning today!