After 2007, the Apple iPhone changed the mobile telephony playing field. As an organisation Apple has influenced everyone’s life in some way, and it is therefore almost compulsory for all mobile sites to consider the iPhone when designing their websites. And this includes all the gambling websites, from sports betting to casino gaming. Users of this iconic device know that casino sites are competing to attract their patronage. The consequence of the Apple influence is that all kinds of casino game are fully catered to, and iPhone users can play virtually every possible game, including Sic Bo.

The Origins of Sic Bo

In the original Chinese language from whence the game comes, the meaning of Sic Bo is ‘small big’. This, in fact, describes the basic betting system of this game. Sic Bo is a dice game, and players bet on the outcome of a roll of three regular dice.

Now provided that the best online casino providing the game Sic Bo uses a reputable random number generator, throwing the dice is a simple and straightforward game, and perfectly suited to the small screen. A dice throwing game is effectively a game of pure chance, and iPhone online sic bo is appreciated for its origins in sheer luck and the excellent player odds attached to dice games.

Optimised for Mobile Use

The game of iPhone online sic bo, being a game of chance, requires no more than a small amount of knowledge to play, and is perfectly suited to mobile play. Compared to other games, including craps, blackjack at, Sic Bo is extremely simple to play and understand, yet so crammed with action potential that it easily keeps players entertained for some time.

The entire game is simply a prediction on the outcome of rolling three die, and there are six different wagering options that are usually played. This can vary depending the variation of the game and whether extra bet types may be available. The first type of wager is the name of the game and is either big or small. A simple, even money wager on whether the total of the three die rolled is less than 10 or more than 11. Unless specifically bet upon, a triple, in iPhone online sic bo is the house advantage, and the house wins.

Players can also put money on either an odd or even total being rolled. There are the higher odds bets too, predicting the specific combined sum of the three die, or on any doubles or triple numbers rolled. Clearly the pay-out odds on these specific and rare events occurring are much higher and commensurate with the odds of such an event occurring.

Sic Bo Sensibility

In summary, then, it is clear that most casino sites will ensure Apple operating system compatibility, and users will easily be able to enjoy iPhone Online sic bo. Although the sites will be using the instant play format for mobile, it would still nevertheless be common sense though, to select a site that is powered by reputable software. This will not only ensure players of a fairer game of sic bo, but also greater security in terms of financial exchanges.