If you’re new to Poker, things might seem a little overwhelming. Whether it’s Video Poker played on your cell phone or at the local pub, or the old-school, tabletop Poker games frequented by bond-style high rollers, everyone’s starting somewhere and there are certain tips and techniques that’ll help you thrive in every environment.

You want to win, sure, but you’re also there to play and to learn. Poker is an intuitive game – part luck, part skill – and the lessons you can learn can be applied throughout your life, even when you’re not playing. It’s about reading your opponent, recognising patterns and sticking to the limits you give yourself, which leads us to our first tip:

Always Set A Spending Limit and NEVER Exceed It

Especially when playing Video Poker, which can be more intense, especially when betting on multiple pay lines, money goes quickly. If you’re skilled enough it can also return just as fast, but for now you’re a beginner and you need to learn to watch how you spend. If you keep a monthly budget and you enjoy gaming, you should set aside enough that you know you can have one or two big evenings out a month without breaking the bank.

If you’re playing online, as many these days are, you need to be even more careful as the play style can seem far more casual, even if you’re spending as much as you would in a brick-and-mortar Casino. This is one of the reasons we recommend playing live online poker games. Not only do you get to interact with other players face-to-face, giving the game a more strategic feel, but you’re also guaranteed a longer, more drawn-out experience. This means you’ll be spending less and learning more.

Watch and Learn

If you’re starting out, now is the time to do a whole lot of research. Not only because becoming a better player is a rewarding journey, but also because now is the time to build good playing habits that’ll stand you in good stead when you’re a more established player and you’re laying down more cash on the wager.

No one wants to read a book, but a few online articles should give you a good launching pad. Something else you should definitely consider doing is watching some online live games before you start. A lot of these guys are very professional, and so watching how they play and trying to mimic their styles is a brilliant way to get an upper hand – especially if you’re starting off playing against people at a similar level of inexperience to yourself.

Play Sober

The gaming world may seem soaked in alcohol and vice, but many top players actually live rather sober lives. In any other sport being under the influence would seem foolhardy and a surefire way to lose fast, so keep this in mind when you’re playing Poker. You’re going to need a clear head when you’re recalling and implementing your newfound strategies.

If you follow these three basic tips, you’ll be winning big in no time!